Info for guests


To Cabbage Tree Cottage, 47 Blackwell Drive,
Tryphena, Great Barrier Island.

Safety Card

Emergency phone numbers:

Medical: 4290 356
Police: 4290 343
Fire: 111

Fire emergency:

Please note location of exits and fire extinguishers.

In case of fire, assemble in car park to account for all.

Internet access

The router key is 12345678.


To watch Freeview or a DVD, turn the TV on with the ‘Sony TV’ remote, and then use the button to the left of the green power key to switch input to <Satellite> or <VIDEO>. Now use the corresponding remote control.


Best cellphone reception for Spark and Vodafone is on the seaward side of the house.

Managing waste

Green waste is collected in the white bin kept under the bench, and emptied into the compost bin under the deck, for re-use in the vegetable garden.

The recycling bin is emptied into the yellow council bins outside which go out with the waste bin.

Paper and cardboard must be boxed or tied up in a separate bundle.

Everything else is put in a waste bin for pick up on Monday mornings (around 9AM).

Any questions? Just call Shana Cranston on 021 163 4840

Enjoy your stay!

Living off the grid

Battery powered 240V system

At the end of the day, check power without sunshine and no big load (e.g. microwave, water pump, TV):

24V = empty à A few lights only, otherwise damage to batteries possible. Run generator for 1h.

24.2 = nearly empty à Use no appliances, but TV, lights ok. Or run generator for 1h.

24.4 = nearly full à Can use appliances, shower etc, but conservatively. Avoid air and noise pollution by not running the generator.

24.6+ = full à It was a sunny day, so no restrictions necessary.

Limited water

We collect rain water. We are not aware of any health issues with this water. If you are exceptionally sensitive or have health concerns, boil water for 1 minute before drinking it.

Over summer water becomes very precious. Please use only as little water as you really need.

The outside taps are river water – use them for rinsing feet, washing beach gear etc, but they dry up during summer.

The toilet uses river water. If the toilet is not flushing, the river has dried up. Turn the tap under the bathroom window to use the tank water instead.

If the water in the house runs out (pump running but no water), call us to find out how to switch to the emergency reserve.

Toilets are biolytic

There are hungry worms at the end of the drain ipe, but don’t feed them anything indigestible, like disinfectant, or hygiene pads, which will damage the water treatment. From the worm tank, water is dispersed through a pipe network in the garden, which you may hear sometimes.


After rains or when there is little wind, mosquitos may be a bother. Keep windows closed, light coils outside or use the repellent devices. If flies come out of the garden, open the kitchen window to let them out again.


To run the generator, simply turn the ignition key, which is out of sight on the far left-hand top corner of the engine. Run it for one hour, or until the voltage reads at least 12.7V. One tank full (20l) will run the engine for 4-5 hours.

Short Term Rental Terms

Please also refer to the Short Term Rental Terms that detail your rights and obligations.

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